Was There A Google Algorithm Update On April 17th & 18th?


So, while I was offline, there seems to been a Google algorithm update. Not at Fred, Penguin or Panda levels but an smaller but yet significant update that caused both a lot of chatter in the community as well as set most of the automated tracking tools off.

We have threads at both WebmasterWorld and Black Hat World with the discussion. Here are some quotes from those threads

Whatever they did yesterday has already been changed. Tuesday was a good traffic day, today’s has been switched off across multiple sites both local and global … wtf?

Of course its possible that the folks at Google don’t like the results of Fred Update. Therefore the current roll back!
If that is the case, we should expect an update or a refresh soon.

Seeing big rank and traffic surges across my network last 2 days. Something deffo happening here.

ive seen huge ranking increases for content heavy pages (high quality content)

There is definitely some shift going on, I monitor 100s of sites across the board, 2 sites that lost ranking the last updates recovered slightly better than before..

As the threads go on, more and more are saying they have seen some significant changes. The update seemed to have lasted about two days, both on Monday and Tuesday but it is unclear if it was a rollback of Fred or something new or multiple things. I’ll keep an eye on it and keep you posted if I see anything specific.

Here are the tools:


SERP Metrics:



Have you noticed any significant changes with your client or your own rankings in the past couple of days?

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