{*NEW*} Airtel Proxy Trick ( Airtel Unlimited Free Internet Trick )

Airtel Free Internet: In this post, you’ll get new free Airtel 3g proxy trick 2017 which is working with 3g high speed and working All Over India. You can use this free airtel 3g proxy trick on both Android Mobile and Computer (PC). See below post to know how to configure this free internet proxy trick 2017

Today we are sharing an amazing free internet trick for airtel users. This trick is based on proxies. we know that many of you don’t understand what is a proxy and how it is used as free internet trick. don’t worry, here don’t need any knowledge about these. We described the full procedure below. This airtel free 3g internet proxy trick is working in almost all states. I am personally checked in Kerala and worked 100% successfully. The main advantages of this airtel free 2g/3g internet proxy trick are: it is fully unlimited and works in almost all states every time. Many other tricks such as UDP, TCP, and other VPN tricks are get blocked very fastly and so the validity of working that tricks are very less. But in the case of proxy tricks, it not matters. It is working almost all times. But you need to change the proxy address. I am not describing much about what is a proxy and how it is working. Now we are directly going to the trick. Carefully read below airtel free internet using proxy trick steps and enjoy unlimited free internet on your airtel.

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Who Doesn’t Like Airtel Free 3G as it is believed That it is Fastest 3G Network Of India nowadays in 2017? Airtel is known to be blocking many Tricks In past and it solves Bugs Faster than Any other Network Provider in India. But Nothing to worry now because I am going to reveal Huge Airtel Free Host List to Use Airtel Free Internet in 2017 which will surely useful to make your Airtel Loot Last Longer This Year.

How To Use Proxy Trick?

For Computer (PC) / Laptop

  • I will recommend you to use Mozilla Firefox for setting up proxy trick.
  • Open Options.
  • Click on the advanced tab and then network tab.
  • Click on Manual Connection setting and add the above-given proxy and port.
  • Save the setting.

For Mobile/SmartPhone –

  • Go to settings option.
  • Then open Network Connection Setting.
  • Now in the option, click on create new setting/connection.
  • There you’ll get many input options like Account Name, Access Point, Proxy, etc. (Go to Method two below For all detail)
  • Now save your setting and make it default.


  1. 1st Of All Download DroidVPN From Here
  2. After Download Go To This DroidVPN Link and SignUp for New Account: – Sign up
  3. If You Have Already An Account On The Droidvpn Then You Can Use Here for Airtel Tricks
  4. Now Open DroidVPN app and Now Click On Settings In Droid VPN
  5. Now select connection protocol > select TCP
  6. Select Proxy Settings as >> Enable
  7. Select Proxy Server as >>
  8. And Port as >> 3128
  9. Now Click on HTTP headers and Put HTTP HEADERS
  10. Host:
  11. 10. Now Open the Settings and Select any One Free Servers from List If You are Using and Wish to Use Troid Vpn then.

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Airtel Free Internet Trick For Hammer VPN

  • Download and Open Hammer VPN
  • Select Any Free Server From Hammer VPN
  • Set Port As TCP
  • Rport– 443
  • Lport– 0
  • Now Just Go to advance settings.
  • Must Tick mark on ( Use Proxy for TCP Connection )

And Put Below Settings
Proxy host – or
Port – 3128
Host – Host:
Done Now press save Button and Then connect it (it will Get connect instantly)

Or you can Use BELOW Setting also if above doesn’t work

  • 1st of all Open HammerVPN >> Select Any Available Free
    Server and >> Set TCP Port as
  • Rport– 443
  • Lport– 0
  • Now Go to Advance Settings.
  • Set DNS –
  • Must Tick mark on ( Use Proxy for TCP Connection )
  • Proxy host – or
  • Port – 3128
  • Host – Host: one.airtel.in/@ or Host: airtellive.com/@

Done Now press save Button and Then connect it (it will Get connect instantly)
Voila, It’s Connected Enjoy Truly Highspeed Airtel Free Internet in 2017 with Free Airtel 3G and 4G.

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  • one.airtellive.com
  • live.airtelworld.com
  • one.airtellive.com
  • live.airtelworld.com
  • buddiesmoney.airtel.in
  • one.airtel.in
  • mov.wynk.in/movie
  • wynk.in/mu/msc


  • 4everproxy.com OR
  • ( try this first)
  • youtubefreeproxy.com
  • freevideoproxy.com
  • zendproxy.com
  • www.air-proxy.com
  • OR Jetproxy.com
  • OR proxy.hmastuff.com
  • german-proxy.de
  • prx.im or
  • webproxy.stealthy.co
  • 0000a-fast-proxy.de
  • www.air-proxy.com
  • (resume supported)

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Working Airtel Free Internet-Uc Handler Trick 2017

Airtel SuperFast 3G 4G Free Internet Trick with Uc Modded Handler Apk

You have to Just Follow below steps

  • 1st of all Just Goto
    Your Mobile Setting >> Network Setting >> Access point Names(APN)
  • Now Create New APN As below
  • Apn- airtelgprs.com
  • Proxy – uc6.ucweb.com
  • Port- 80
  • Now Save Above settings
  • Now You have needed to Download any UC handler From Google
  • Open now UC handler and setting as below
  • proxy type: HTTP
  • proxy server: buddies.airtelmoney.in
  • Save This setting of Uc Handler and open it.
  • Enjoy Free Airtel 3G Trick Browsing but,
    Note: – Limit 250 MB per proxy server
  • change it to any other free host like


  • etc to avoid sim block.

Airtel Free 3g GPRS trick With Default Browser 2017

Make these settings:-

  • Name: – SuryaTricks
  • Proxy:-
  • Port:- 80
  • Apn:- airtelgprs.com
  • Homepage: Put any of the host from above given lists

Now save the settings, and run default browser free and download any site. Disconnect after 60 Mb.

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Airtel Free Internet Latest UC/Opera FrontQuery Trick 2017

  • Create New Settings In Your Mobile.
  • Name: SuryaTricks
  • APN: airtelgprs.com
  • APN Type: default
  • Proxy:
  • Port: 80
  • Now, Download Opera Mini Next Handler
  • Now, Open Opera Mini Next Handler & Put this Front query:
  • Save And Enjoy
  • Note- Use at 0 Balance for free use if High balance or GPRS data then it is deducted from them

Airtel free internet proxy trick –  Set of Working proxy address and Homepages for each state

airtel free internet proxy trick for Kerala-
Proxy: [ if not works, try with other proxy address given above]

working airtel proxy trick for Rajasthan-
Proxy: [ if not works, try with other proxy address given above]

working proxy and home page for Himachal Pradesh-
Proxy: [ if not works, try with other proxy address given above]

airtel free 3g proxy trick for Haryana-
Proxy: [ if not works, try with other proxy address given above]

airtel proxies and homepages for West Bengal –
Homepage: d.airtelworld.com
Proxy: [ if not works, try with other proxy address given above]

airtel free internet proxy trick for All other states:
Homepage : m.facebook.com, 0.facebook.com
Proxy: [ if not works, try with other proxy address given above]

State wise working airtel proxy address and homepage: if not works, try with different proxy and homepage from above list [ give above]

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How to setup Proxy in Android Device – How to use airtel Free internet proxy trick in mobile phone

  • Go to settings in mobile phone
  • Then open Network Connection Setting.
  • Now in the option, click on create new setting/ connection.
  • There you’ll get many input options just do as stated below-
  • Account Name – SuryaTricks
  • APN – airtelgprs.com or 3gproxy.info
  • Proxy address – Type any of the proxy address given on this article.
  • Port – 80
  • Now leave all the other fields blank
  • Save settings and Make it default
  • Now open your internet browser ( open any browser )
  • Now open any homepage given above
  • Now enjoy free 3g high-speed internet on your airtel.

Airtel Free Internet Free Proxy List

  • –
  • – www.air-proxy.com
  • – prx.im or
  • –
  • – (resume supported)
  • –
  • – proxies.us OR
  • – bbproxy.pw OR
  • –
  • – 4everproxy.com OR
  • – hideip.co OR
  • – hiload.org OR
  • Port – 80

### Home pages ###

  • – suryatricks.in
  • – one.airtel.in
  • – m.airtellive.com
  • – buddies.airtelmoney.in
  • – ic.bsbportal.com or video.bsbportal.com or Prod.bsbportal.com
  • – get.hike.in
  • – get.wynk.in

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Airtel 3G Free Internet Tricks Unlimited June 2017

  • First of all Download Any VPN. I’ll recommend you to use Droid VPN. In case, if you don’t have Droid VPN installed in your Android Mobile, you can download it by clicking here
  • Now you have to Install it.
  • After installing, just open it.
  • Now go to Settings > HTTP Headers.
  • From there, tick on Enable HTTP Headers
  • Now in the Custom HTTP Headers fields, put any one of these
  • First One. Download limit is 250-300 MB Total
  • Host:airtellive.com X-Online-Host:airtellive.com
  • Or Use This. This one Maybe Unlimited Not Tested more than 1.9 GB.
  • Host:
  • That’s it. You’re done now.

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Precaution while using Free Airtel Trick

In a few instances, your mobile operator may also discover that you are the usage of free net and might block your SIM card. in an effort to keep away from Sim blockage, we need to take some precautions.

  • Do not use a whole lot facts within the single consultation, if you need to use facts greater than 500 Mb, then just disconnect and reconnect.
  • Don’t download big documents, as large record calls for plenty of statistics and session time. So just download small files.
  • Do recharge for small 3g packs often, to avoid detection.

wish you’re enjoying unfastened net on Airtel SIM. if you have now not attempted this Airtel trick, then cross it. Now you do now not want to do Airtel net recharge as you could run it free of charge. This trick works for each 2G and 3G and gives you excessive-pace unlimited Airtel 3G net records free of charge.

This Airtel trick without spending a dime internet is operating in all states of India. but our group has established it to only some said like Rajasthan, Gujarat, Assam, MP and UP, Andra Pradesh, Bihar, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Madya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Punjab, Chandigarh, Rajasthan, Sikkim, Tamil Nadu. if you belong to a few other country and this Airtel trick works for you, then just remark with your kingdom name and additionally comment your query if it does now not work for you.

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